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The last words of tragic pop icon Michael Jackson

have been revealed by crew members on his movie, This Is It.

« We had completed all of the show as it would have been staged at London’s O2, » said director Kenny Ortega.

« Michael stood at the front of the stage that night with me and looked out into the empty arena and said ‘This is the dream. We did it Kenny. We did it good’. »

« There was this feeling we were already on the plane, » Ortega continued. Michael said « You can feel London. You can smell it.' »

Jacko’s friend Travis Payne told of the eerie farewell he exchanged with the frail singer as he was driven away on a golf cart.

« I shouted ‘I love you!’ to him, » Payne told the Daily Star. « He smiled back and said ‘I love you more’. »

Jackson’s planned O2 run would have been a massive multimedia extravaganza, with incredible lights and pryrotechnics, 3D projections and a range of top-flight guest stars – Mick Jagger, Bono and Lady Gaga were all said to be lined up.

Despite his health problems, Jackson was keen to perform, according to Devin Jamieson, one of his backing dancers.

« He couldn’t stand still. He just kept moving, trying out new things. He was amped up. »
Le ultime parole di Michael Jackson sono queste:
« Abbiamo completato tutto le immagini mostrano come sarebbe stato il concerto O2 di Londra », ha detto il regista Kenny Ortega.
« Michael era nella parte anteriore del palco quella sera con me, guardò verso l’arena vuota e disse: ‘Questo è il sogno. lo abbiamo realizzato Kenny. Abbiamo fatto bene' ».  » eravamo pronti per partire », ha continuato Ortega. Michael ha dichiarato: « posso sentire Londra. Puoi sentirne l’odore ‘. »
« Ho urlato ‘I love you!’ « ha detto Payne al Daily Star. « Lui sorrise e disse: ‘I love you more‘. »
Nonostante i suoi problemi di salute, Jackson provava continaumente, secondo Devin Jamieson, uno dei suoi ballerini.
« Non riusciva a stare fermo. continuava a muoversi, a provare cose nuove. »
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