Michael Jackson To His Fans Around The World



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  • Michael Jackson established the Heal The World Foundation in 1992.
  • Heal L.A. was launched at Super Bowl XXVII with the collaboration of Heal the World, The National Football league, Frito Lay, The International Youth Foundation, and Hilton Foundation/BEST Foundation.
  • Heal L.A., a collaborative children’s initiative produced 3,000 mentoring relationships, immunizations for 7,000 children and drug prevention education for more than 72,000 youth.
  • Heal the World has provided support for dozens of children’s programs in 20 countries.
  • Heal the World joined with AmeriCares to ship 47 tons of food, clothing and medical supplies to children of war-torn Sarajevo; partnered with the Gorbachev Foundation, USA to deliver 60,000 doses of children’s vaccines to the Republic of Georgia. And has twice assisted the U.K. based Operation Christmas Child to airlift supplies and gifts collected by children in the U.K. to give to children in Bosnia.
  • Heal the World along with Former President Jimmy Carter, Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., Ronald McDonald Children’s Charities, Gladys Knight and TLC joined together to help The Atlanta Project increase the local immunization rate in a single week from the expected 6,000 to more than 17,000 and to establish a follow-up tracking system for family health care.
  • Heal L.A. in partnership with the Los Angeles Unified School district, California State University, Independent Colleges of Southern California, Learnstar and other local non-profit organizations created the Community School/safe Haven Initiative to provide after-school educational opportunities at two pilot sites where over 300 students per day could have computer instruction, tutoring, homework assistance, math lab, English as a second language and performing arts.

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    Michael Jackson is the best forever !!!!!

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